Welcome To Good Samaritan Services

Good Samaritan Services (Kochi) is an attempt of some good hearted charity minded people in and around Cochin (Kochi) to find out desperately poor, helpless, suffering people to hold them and help them in their particular need, as exemplared by Jesus Christ, as a charity attempt. The foundation and cause of this charity work is humanitarian, understanding, compassion and love. This is a selfless, self-serving attempt with each member’s own and well wishers’ contributions.

Founding Milestone

Good Samaritan Service’s visionary is Shri. K. K. Joseph, Muthuchippy, Vennala, Kochi, Kerala, India. The formative and the first meeting was called upon by him on 30th August 2014. Sixteen like minded visionaries dwelt upon the thought shared by Shri. Joseph for forming a forum for charity works and named it ‘Good Samaritan Services’ (Kochi). Since its inception, monthly working committee meetings are being held and Executive Committee and Trust Board meetings at exigency.

Good Samaritan Services (Kochi) is a Registered Charitable Trust with registration No 580/IV/2014 at Ernakulam. Kerala, India.

Board of Trustees

Good Samaritan Services (Kochi) is a Registered Trust. It was registered as a Charity Trust under the Kerala Government’s registration rules and regulations having service jurisdiction in India as Register No. 580/IV/2014.on 27-12-2014. At present, the first trustee(settler trustee), shri. K.K.Joseph is the managing trustee and shri. P.T. Thomas is the joint managing trustee of the trust. The Trustees of the Board of Trust are the following persons:

Mr. K.K.Joseph.

Mr. P.T.Thomas.

Mr.Thomas Varghese (Shaji).


Mr.Alwin K Mathew.

Mr.Ronnie Kurian.

Mr.C. Easo.

The Working Committee

Following are the working committee members constituted by the 1st meeting of the Board of Trustees held on 21.1.2015.

Mr.P.T.Thomas (President)
Ex-SBI Manager


Mr.Thomas Varghese (Vice President)
Ex-NRI Businessman


Mr. K.K.Joseph (Secretary)


Mr.Alwin K Mathew (Treasurer)


Committee Members

Mrs.Susan Thomas

Mr.Aniyankunju Thamaravely

Mr.Leji Philip

Mr.George Varkey(Lal)

Mr.T.G Daniel



Pr.John M Chacko

Mr.Saji Varghese

Vision & Objectives


Sufferings in different ways is a reality in this worldly life, in and around us, in forms like abject poverty, physical, social and mental backwardness, incurable diseases, debts, sudden death of dear and near ones etc. There are few people or organisations willing to comfort and console such people or to give a helping hand in time or visit them in their suffering moments and in needs regardless of caste, creed, colour or gender differences.

Although we can’t solve all problems of everyone, but in small ways, can feed the hungry with a day’s half meal or fill somebody’s empty bowl, help the sick to be treated to save their lives, clothe the needy, thatch a leaky roof which are kind deeds the society expects from us. We see around us the children/youth drop outs from schools/colleges because of the huge fee demand, roofless people searching for shelter and for a day’s half meal, youths falling prey to crimes, drinks and drugs etc.

To stretch out a helping hand to some of these affected people in our society and neighbourhood is the humble ambition and prime aim of the Good Samaritan Services (Kochi). Also, to activate senior citizens and retired hands amongst us into extending their time and capabilities for achieving the above goals.


 To console and help the families of drug addicts, liquor addicts and severely ill

 To conduct awareness programmes and camps for various common causes affecting the society.

 To serve people in natural calamities, epidemics, mobilize people for social upliftment programmes.

 Financial support for widows/widowers/spinsters aged 60 or more without any livelihood, with dwelling place or not, and no support from children.

 Financial support for widows of pastors or evangelists without any means for living.

 Medical support for economically poor people hospitalized with serious illness without any support from anybody.

 One time financial aid to help those who have no regular income and depend on others, aged widows, widowers, orphans as one time payment.

 Financial aid monthly basis for a period for economically poor family without any living means and no income for anybody in the family.

 Educational aid for the deserving children of economically poor family without any help from anybody or any source.

 Visiting Orphanages, Old homes, distributing foodstuffs, clothes, sanitary items, medicines etc.

 Visiting habitats like urban colonies, labour settlements, rural households etc., serving them food- kits, clothes, medicines & conducting medical camps and giving guidance & moral support.


VBS at Santhipuram Colony

VBS at Santhipuram Colony

VBS at Santhipuram Colony

VBS at Santhipuram Colony

VBS at Santhipuram Colony

VBS at Santhipuram Colony

Trust Group Photo

Waynad Outreach

Waynad Outreach

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Registered Office

Muthuchippy(Philadelphia), Vennala High School Road,

   Vennala, Kochi, Kerala, India, Pin: 682028

(91)0484-2805215 | (91) 9496-742854 (Mobile)


Other Contacts

Mr. P. T. Thomas – 9446490299

Mr. K. K. Joseph – 9496742854

Mr. Thomas Varghese – 9447188072

Mr. P. J. John - 9447001397

Monetary Donations

We invite the general public to participate in our programs and be a part of the noble work by supporting us monetarily either one time or regularly. Those interested may please may send their contributions by draft/cheque or bark transfer to

Good Samaritan Services (Kochi) Trust,
A/c No. 67312264351, State Bank of India,
Alinchuvadu (70899), Millenium Plaza, Alinchuvadu,
M.K.K.Nair Road, Ernakulam - 682024, Kerala, India.
IFS Code : SBIN0070899

Other Donatations

Those who who like to donate clothes, blankets, food materials, stationary items etc, or would like to sponsor dinner / lunch for orphans, may do so by contacting us on the following number : (91)0484-2106678